The Roman Baths Family Campaign

The posters have started appearing for The Roman Baths family campaign, to inspire and encourage children and families to find out more about the history of the Baths by making a visit. The client wanted simple line drawings capturing the child imagining themselves as a Roman character.

Mr Jonest Watches: An Inordinate Fondness For Beetles

Last summer I was delighted to collaborate with Crispin Jones from Mr Jones Watches, the cult watch brand from London, on a watch design using a quote attributed to British biologist JBS Haldane as inspiration. On being asked what one could learn about God from a study of nature, Haldane reputedly replied, "he has an inordinate fondness for beetles." From that wonderful starting point, we worked together to produce a design which captured the random scurrying nature of beetles caught in a kind of mobile 'bug box' on your arm - two of the insects have even escaped onto the outer case - which contrasts with the more ordered display of beetles on the hour disc.

The watch was produced in Mr Jones Watches' London workshop in an edition of 100 pieces and is available to purchase from their website here.

Bollywood Christmas mural at the NEC Spring Fair

I was asked to design the stand for local Bath company Bollywood Christmas handmade Indian decorations for the Spring Fair 2016 at the NEC Birmingham. Their new range of jewel bright baubles were displayed on an illustrated tree mural which I drew directly onto the stand in situ. Despite the obvious time pressures, I loved working to such a large scale with the freedom of the giant marker pens.

The Prior Foundation

The Prior Foundation combines a group of three local independent schools and they were looking for a fresh approach to their advertising. I illustrated different elements of the schools including buildings, interiors, trees and sports equipment along with a background sky wash, and these elements were then put together with photographs of their pupils to create a number of different adverts. The adverts have been used in the schools' open days, have appeared in local and national press and even on the back of buses in the Bath area!

Visual Families

I am really excited to have my work 'ArthropodZ' included in the illustration and design book 'Visual Families', published by Gestalten. The book is a beautifully designed compilation of work by creatives who have sort to categorise and communicate information in a visual way. Subject matter varies widely but my personal highlight is page 42...

Richard Briers

After the sad death of Richard Briers last year, I decided to rework the portrait that I painted of him a number of years back. You'll find the new line version in the portraits section of my work page here.

Amelia's Magazine

I've had the pleasure of working with Amelia Gregory on an illustration of musician Marissa Nadler which has just gone live online at Amelia's Magazine today. Click on the title link above to find out more.